Become an expert using the ground cover fabric

Learn the best moment to install your ground cover fabric

Do you want to discover all about ground cover fabric and the prototype of weeds that you can fight? Well, the time has come for you to become an expert and put an end to the importunate undergrowth that invades you.

Anti-weed mesh is a net that provides efficient crop protection.

Anti-weed fabric for your crop

The undergrowth, besides being annoying and unattractive, is often difficult to master. For this reason, we perceive it as the undesirable one of our cultivation areas. The first sightings of undergrowth generally represent “we have work to do” or “problems are coming”. It is not strange to think that these growths are common. As we see them in many places and for this reason we may think that it is something natural that may not be able to deteriorate our crops.

but it is not so!

Although there is a certain weed that is not completely malignant, there is a lot that is. And therefore it can damage our plants in different ways. For this reason we must consider becoming experts by using weed control and take full advantage of it. We need to study more thoroughly the “how” to work it and also know what we face in terms of undergrowth.

Weed pests are a problem that MALAHIERBA® can properly control.
Weed pests are a problem that MALAHIERBA® ground cover can properly control.

Mesh ground cover

Types of weeds

To explain a little the difference of these two types we have within the harmless undergrowth. It is possible to find those growths that simply adapt to the environment and grow no matter what. That means without harming the things around them.

A very peculiar example are those with aromatic and medicinal properties. On the other hand, we have those uncomfortable invasive weeds that can also simply grow by feeding on the sun and water. But a big difference is that they grow thanks to those nutrients that should reach our most important crops. So they will undoubtedly give us war if they appear; vines, thickets and thorny shoots are the most common with these characteristics.

Regardless of what kind of shoot it is, the truth is that we do not want our crops to coexist with any kind of weed. Because the simple contact between both will jeopardize the quality of the product.

tela MALAHIERBA® Ground cover usada para cuidar cultivos.
In addition to preventing the growth of weeds in the crop, the ground cover allows the passage of water or fertilizers.

Benefit of Anti-Weed Fabric in your crop

Now, the main functions of the ground cover will provide everything you need to fight these invasions.

The materials in the ground cover will ensure that the soil where the weed grows does not continue to absorb the nutrients required by their crops, but the most important thing is that it will stop the growth of the weed and will not allow it to expand in the area where you have placed the anti-weed cloth.

To carry out this objective

it is essential that the roots of the weeds are removed as much as possible before expanding the rolls of the ground cover mesh.

This work is of vital importance to evaluate the conditions of the soil and how rooted the roots of the weed are in its cultivation land.

If it is necessary, do not doubt the use of some special fertilizers in case the undergrowth has weakened the soil as it can easily dry it to a point where the development of the plantations will be practically zero. In the same way, a soil with too much hydration can be injurious depending on the crops you plan to obtain.

You also have to consider that the weather

will influence a lot when it comes to obtaining the best performance of the ground cover mesh, because if it is too warm then you may need to carry out irrigation activities to avoid dehydration in the crops or otherwise perform a brushing over the mesh clearing possible puddles if the mesh was not placed fully extended.

Varied uses for anti-weed fabric

A great secret of the ground cover is that it can also be used for ornamental purposes because some people want to use it only to delimit the grass of their garden or other plantations that they do not want to get rid of. This task is very simple since it would only be necessary to use the mesh as a containment network until the adjacent growth has reached its desired extension. This type of use is commonly seen in homes for well-ordered gardens that must be controlled in order not to disturb the neighbors or other nearby people; This will make a garden or any area of agriculture grow very uniformly and only in the length that the placement of the mesh allows.

The big advantage

is that you can divide the roll of the weed control as much as you want, even if it was for very small anti-weed cloth segments remember to make a separate fastening for each one, obviously, after the respective cleaning process.

plantas en jardin con la tela MALAHIERBA® ground cover
The Ground cover mesh is easy to install, but it is still necessary to carefully follow the installation instructions.

best mesh for agriculture

Many people often underestimate the steps of cleaning and plowing and they find it easier to blame the mesh that they use, but they do not realize the importance of this step once it is too late. It should be noted that the misuse of the instrument they use can make a very bad impression and that is why consumers are instructed on the most important steps to take when they are ready to use the mesh. We must always remember that the mesh weed is a great product and it only needs a little preparation on our part to dazzle.