Bean Net and Support

Bean Net for increasing leguminous crop yields

Bean net (or netting) is an important element necessary to achieve a good crop yield.  The leguminous´ vines will attach themselves to the meshes of the net and create a virtual vegetative wall where air will circulate freely and each leaf will receive the right solar exposure.  HORTOMALLAS® is a “natural” choice for this type of crops, as it is re-usable and long lasting even under the most adverse loads.

green bean crop  with Support Netting
This is a green bean crop, notice cucumbers left of the ground from the previous cultivation cycle. HORTOMALLAS® net can be used many times over.

Remember that beans and other species of its kind are good nitrogen

fixers that will improve the soil for the following crops, so crop rotation is made possible as the same structures (mulching, drip irrigation, posts and netting) can be left in place, just make sure you keep a good eye on white flies (as this vector loves beans) when deciding what vegetable will go in the ground next!

raffia twine trellis brings down the whole espalier
This is what happens when one accidental cut of the raffia twine trellis brings down the whole espalier. HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting on the contrary stays up.

HORTOMALLAS® bean net provides the needed plant support

to raise your bean and peas plants above humidity trapped in the ground soil.  By increasing aeration and solar exposure you will be able to reduce the pathogens caused by high humidity like fungi, mildew and even fusarium attacks.  A well ventilated crop will increase flowering and pollination, increase the crop tonnage produced and improve the quality as the fruits will be more uniform and better colored.  Bean and pea netting by HORTOMALLAS® will reduce installation time for this trellising system as compared to raffia methods of hand weaving trellises.

Trellising with Raffia as Compared to HORTOMALLAS® Trellis Netting as Bean Net
Trellising with Raffia as Compared to HORTOMALLAS® Trellis Netting as Bean Net.

An accidental cut to one of the mesh squares during pruning or harvesting with HORTOMALLAS® will not bring down the whole trellising system as opposed to raffia where any accidental cut will unweave the whole espalier and bring the furrow down.

Picture of Snow Peas on Bean Net

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