Backstop netting: security fences for golf, football, handball, basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, paddle tennis, hockey and other recreational fields. No limit to the power!

Our backstop netting, installed as a barrier, is so strong that is able to catch and retain any ball.

A backstop serves as a stop so that the ball stays in the play area. Usually it is put as a support or a barrier behind some area in a play field. But it can also be used for perimetral protection and as temporal and permanent divider in multi use areas.

baxtop net installed on field
The Backstop prevents the ball from leaving the field of play.

Premium quality backstop netting, made to fulfil the highest level of protection and safety.

As a fence that is subject to a great impact force, process of manufacturing and materials are very important. We only use first choice and high-tenacity polymers, and the most innovative technology for long lasting and heavy duty products. Result of an intensive research, and regularly tested, our backstop netting stand for a high energy absorption capacity.

The anti-UV protection treatment improves its resistance under full solar radiation, increasing its duration and avoiding the degradation.

Backstop net applications

baxtop sports net installed in baseball field
The mesh prevents the ball from leaving the field and causes any kind of damage.

Backstop netting is used as a security fence in polisports areas:  tennis, paddle, football, golf, volleyball, hand ball, baseball, hockey. Also perfect for backyards, schools, leisure facilities.
Stop the stray ball that missed the goal. Avoid that balls go out of the play area, and hit close properties and people. Thanks to the backstop netting the ball is retained in the play field.

Perfect for commercial, residential, leisure and recreational areas – spa and gym -, educational and sports centers, private and public parks.

Keep the areas around safe and save the balls, using the specific backstop netting for large and small balls. Light, thick enough and very strong.



In a baseball camp, the backstop netting is settled behind the catcher – called “home plate” zone – so the ball cannot fly far away. The backstop netting absorbs the force of launching.

Football – soccer

Used as protection of the perimeter of the football or handball camp or any other sport facility. Perimetral nets for boundaries can be adjusted to the size and shape required. Resistant to strong and heavy strikes.


It protects the golf course perimeter and driving areas. Ideal for training grounds and as a barrier for all kind of hitting. It is able to catch even high impact balls.

Tennis and paddle

Tennis court perimeter netting. The backstop netting is a very common protection for tennis court. At the same time it prevents distractions and impedes stray balls. In a tennis court the minimum recommended distance between the baselines and the backstop netting is 15 feet, being 21 feet the standard distance when tournaments take place. The backstop netting height should not be less than 10 feet, but 15 feet is considered the optimal height.

Iron and wood posts are driven in the ground at a distance of 10-15 feet. After securing the poles, the netting must be stretched between them and fixed with fastened plastic clips.

Hockey Backstop

Volleyball, Handball, Basketball

Boundaries protection fence, customizable for fitting any areas of any size.

Installation is different according to the needs of the sport. Our technicians can suggest you the best solution for your specific project.

Backstop netting installed in sports field
The installation of the net is different according to the case.


Discrete and neat appearance

Our backstop netting is available in black. The black color minimizes any aesthetic impact.  So its appearance does not bother nor impede visibility. In fact our black backstop netting is practically invisible, less perceivable then the white one. This feature is particularly interesting when it is used in leisure areas like hotels, spa, club, swimming pool.

Contrarily at what it is a common thought, the black color in case of netting is the most transparent. So it is possible to see through it. The reason of this is that black mesh does not reflect all the light that we are able to see. In addition darker colors blend better with the surroundings. For creating a more natural result the net can be converted in a green screen. In fact it is possible to grow vining plants over the mesh, to create a more natural appearance. It is possible to achieve optimal vegetal divisions using climbing ornamental plants such as trumpet vine, honeysuckle and roses for example.

Use the protection and security fences – backstop netting especially designed for outdoor facilities.

Knotted backstop nettings are especially manufactured for outdoors use. They do not absorb humidity, they are resistant to the sun and any weather condition, including strong winds. They are treated against ultraviolet rays degradation. And most important they are very resistant to impact, abrasion and friction.

  • Practical system: easy to move, manage and install
  • Removable and reusable solution
  • Multiple applications: also useful as advertising board
  • Temporal or permanent
  • Versatile division for multi use areas

Backstop net installation

baxtop sports network installed to stop balls
It’s very important to follow the installation recommendations of the net since a bad placement could make it not work properly.

Backstop netting installation is quick and easy, but it is advisable to do it carefully, because it is the key for the success of the solution. In fact if you choose the wrong material for the posts, or they are not sufficiently buried into the ground, the structure could collapse under the hits of the balls.

Using the nets is practical because the structures are removable and easily storable,  if desired. But they are also frequently applied in permanent set-ups.

It is preferable to use metal or wood vertical poles, high enough according to the distance and the heights of the ball throws. The poles the support the backstop netting must be firm and with a stable upright position. Distance between poles varies. For instance in a golf installation, you should place a pole every fifty feet minimum. Approximately the 10% of the pole should be insert in ground, but it could also vary depending on the type of soil and climate. Additional steel cables along the top and the bottom are useful to stabilize the system and anchors sometimes are needed for guaranteeing more security. The border of the netting is fixed to the cable and the posts.

Especially when the soil is very humid, it is possible to consider not to set the support in the ground, but instead on the ground, cabled with a system of wires. This type of installation is preferable in case you need to move the barrier frequently. It can be easily dismounted, plus it is economical to build and maintain.

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