Aviary Netting Can Be Implemented in the Variety of Objects

Plastic Aviary Netting Is of the High-Quality and Endurance

Aviaries are Modern Enclosures to Grow and Protect Poultry or Crop

Aviary Netting
The aviary net provide a good place for the development the birds.

How many times have we visited the Zoological Garden enjoying watching the birds and thinking of how was their life in the aviary? Aviary is not a classical cage. It is a large limited space where birds can fly or move freely around in the humane conditions. Such aviary netting has the double function of enabling the poultry to breed in the more natural way and to protect it from predators including other birds or small wild animals. Aviary netting is also suitable to be placed over the crops. Birds cannot land in crop through the aviary net, and larger animals do not try to get through this physical barrier in their quest for the prey. Their instinct makes them being aware of the possibility to get caught or tangled. Quality netting is equally suitable for industrial and domestic application wherever the protection against birds is needed. Bird nets that are used to build aviaries repel the birds or capture them without doing any harm. They provide safety to your asset, and they do not affect air circulation or light source. The conditions the plants are growing under remain the same while the only influence is on bird pests and predators.

bird net used in greenhouse in cropfield
The aviary net does not hurt the birds when they are trapped what makes it a good protection option.

Implementation in Urban and Rural Areas

Farming is more and more present in urban areas and not only in the countryside. Private backyard gardens, fisheries, and ponds exist besides buildings. As birds are our cohabitants in the cities, they can also act like pests exposing the private or public property to a risk of damaging. Aviary netting has been implemented in the cities to protect from the birds in accordance with the regulations. The material it is constructed of is usually polyester with the aluminum hoop. Polypropylene and polyethylene are also used for the manufacturing of nets. Polyester is proven to be stronger and more UV resistant than other materials, and mesh sizes are adjusted to the required level of protection. The widths and mesh sizes may vary, from custom to those suitable for specific requirements. Once installed, the netting provides a long-lasting solution at an affordable rate that makes protecting poultry, crops, buildings or wildlife much easier. It does not disrupt the appearance of the surroundings, it can even add to the attractive look. The installation is not at all complicated and it can be done by single hands or with a help.

apple tree protected by bird net
You can install the aviary net in the city or in the cropfield for protection against bird attack without hurt them.

Sturdy, Resistant, and Lasting Protection of Crops and Pens

Aviary netting setups are numerous and every type has some specific features that meet certain needs or requirements. Netting for private homes will not be the same as for the spacious crop or entertainment park. They vary in size, material, and purpose but they all have in common sturdiness, quality, and endurance. Most of them are UV treated so they will not change over time. It is important to build a solid properly fixed structure that can be reinforced with wind and shade screens to protect your asset additionally from the heavy weather conditions. It is equally important for poultry protection as for the protection of crops. Aviary netting is flexible. It will prevent injuries to birds whether birds pests or chickens in the pen. If necessary, the netting will stretch out. Bird control is only one function; the other is enabling poultry to grow in ideal conditions. Modern standards stipulate three kinds of resistances for netting products: UV, rot and flame resistance. They are safe to be used for whatever agricultural purpose or to protect some objects in the cities. They last for years.

aviary net instelled on greenhouse
The bird net is a resistant and very durable for avoid that the birds attack your crops.

Poultry Netting Variations

Chickens are easy preys to predators if they are not protected. Enabling them to grow in the aviary is the best solution to preserve ideal conditions and diminish the risks. Depending on the kind of poultry, the aviary netting will vary in height. The size will not be the same for chickens and pheasants. Pheasants need to fly, and for them, the height of the aviary can be raised. Traditional chicken mesh has been replaced with the black plastic wire netting that is long-lasting and UV stabilized. This fence is anti-corrosive, and it is suitable for multiple uses. The application scale is large. It includes poultry pens and fences around gardens. For its simplicity, it is favored by the owners of small flower and vegetable gardens. According to the users’ friendly features, it can be tailored very easy with the knife and no sharp edges will be left. The attractive design has a resounding effect in the neighborhood. Polyester is a durable fabric that provides an extended lifespan of meshes up to 10 years. In bird netting, it is most commonly used but in aquaculture and sports as well.

chicken net installed on garden
The poultry net can provide a resistant protection to your poultries avoiding the wild animals attacks.

Netting is Beneficial for the All Kind of Assets

When it comes to birds, aviary netting has irreplaceable benefits for the farmers and owners of small gardens or pens. It is adjustable to any surface and any type of poultry. The most common choice is the high-quality plastic netting of polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene. The first one stands for the highest UV stability. In bird applications, aviaries limit the space where poultry will grow, run and fly. At the same time, they are protected from other bird predators and small wild animals’ pests. They can run freely without any danger of injury. The net has a great elasticity but predators are repelled from it as they consider the net as a physical barrier. Such kind of growing is cost effective and secure since it minimizes risks of poultry loss. If aviaries have been implemented over the crop, they do not affect natural conditions such as air circulation or sunlight. High-quality nets admit enough air and light in the aviary. Plants have the necessary conditions for the quality growth and they are protected from pests. Other aviary netting applications include roofs, attics, and other indoor and outdoor facilities where we want to prevent birds of coming in and making the damage.


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