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Aviary Mesh. Netting, the right option for aviary control.

Aviary mesh: plastic netting versus metal net.

CHICKENMALLA® aviary mesh is the most effective method to keep birds away from the areas you want to protect.

It is as strong as steel mesh but more economical than metal mesh. In fact it is manufactured from high density extruded polypropylene, through a process of bi-axially orientation. That means that the layers are stretched in two different directions.  So it provides higher tensile strength. Thanks to a special treatment against Ultra Violet degradation, it is UV resistant and does not oxidize. Furthermore, as is very flexible and adjustable, it is possible to cut it with common scissors or trimmers to obtain the exact measure of the aviary netting needed. This advantage is particularly important in case of application on trees of different heights and shapes. CHICKENMALLA® aviary net´s almost imperceptible appearance permits its use on all the surfaces, even on historical monuments.

Aviary mesh: plastic net versus aluminium net.
Aviary netting is necessary to keep in your birds and to prevent other birds to enter your premises from the outside.

Sanitary danger. Bird borne diseases that can be transmitted to humans and why a bird net would help.

Bird control is required not only because of the huge structural damage birds can cause on buildings, in urban and commercial areas. Avoiding bird droppings on buildings is highly recommended also because of the risk for human health.

It is common to see hens, pigeons, parakeets and parrots perched on attics, park buildings, bridges, cupolas, on the street. However, birds are responsible for many types of diseases that are transmitted through their excrement, which contain bacteria and fungi.

Among respiratory and intestinal diseases that can cause is atypical pneumonia (infection in the lungs by bacteria), avian tuberculosis and allergic alveolitis (inflammation of the lung). If not detected early, this illness could affect the kidneys and heart and even cause death or humans.

Pigeons, geese, starling and house sparrows can lead to several diseases. All of them are transmissible to humans. In fact dried organic matters are easily spread through ventilation systems and transported to the airways or deposited on food.

Sanitary danger. Birds diseases that can be transmitted to humans
Aviary mesh netting is made out of polypropylene and can resist any humidity and bird droppings.

Example of diseases provoked by birds

  • Histoplasmosis caused by a fungus present in dried bird fecal matter.
  • Candidiasis spread by pigeons.
  • Cryptococcosis fungus derived from pigeons and starlings.
  • St. Louis Encephalitis carried by infected house sparrow, pigeons and house finches.
  • Salmonellosis originated in bird excrement and spread through air conditioning systems. It contaminates food.
  • E.coli infection: bacteria present in bird droppings.

By protecting your properties with CHICKENMALLA® aviary mesh netting, your health is also protected. In the meantime you apply a non toxic and non harmful product for the animals, caring for environmental protection.

Chickenmalla poultry wire mesh
Plastic aviary mesh will not rust in highly corrosive and acidic areas like intensive poultry farms. It will also resist salt water and humidity of coastal areas.

CHICKENMALLA® aviary mesh. Quality assurance

At Hortomallas we  provide nets for bird control problems with a guaranteed reputation for high quality at low costs. GUACAMALLAS aviary mesh is perfect for all types of bird control projects. HORTOMALLAS offers special pricing for large quantity orders. Purchasing at Hortomallas has a lowest cost guarantee protects your orders. If you find an equivalent product at a lower price, let us know and you will be entitled for a full refund plus 30%.

backyard aviary with plastic netting
Backyard aviaries can use plastic netting to confine birds in small cages.

Aviary mesh netting is a perfect solution to keep your properties safe. Hortomallas is the leading manufacturer of bird control nets with high quality products at low prices.  CHICKENMALLA® poultry netting is widely used in high humidity areas, or where the high concentration of feces in intensive poultry farming would tend to corrode and rust other types of metal chicken wire.

aviary nets in a zoo
professional aviaries in zoo parks also use plastic netting as it is easy to install and will not harm the birds

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    Bird Control Net Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5x500m (197″x1640′, 0.8″x0.8″)

    MXN $8,500.00 MXN $8,234.65 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $7,740.57 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Pigeon Control Net Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5x10m (197″x394″, 0.8″x0.8″)

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    Bird Netting Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5×50 meters (197″x164′, 0.8″x0.8″)

    MXN $1,081.87 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $1,016.96 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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    Anti Bird Mesh Roll (Square 2x2cm) 5x100m (197″x328′, 0.8″x0.8″)

    MXN $2,111.74 + I.V.A. (1 piece)
    MXN $1,985.04 + I.V.A. (2 - 24 pieces)
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