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Las jaulas flotantes para peces se pueden fácilmente construir con AQUAMALLAS, robustas mallas plásticas diseñadas para el cultivo intensivo de peces. Además de mallas para jaulas de engorde, para este sector, proveemos mallas anti-aves, y barreras separadoras – anti medusas, antialgas, etc. AQUAMALLA se fabrica mediante extrusión a partir de polímeros de polipropileno. Tiene un […]

Dog Fence Separates the Area for the Pets and Has Some Other Benefits Special Place for the Pets in the Courtyard Pets are members of the family, and exactly like humans, they deserve their space inside the living place. It is not simple to provide a separate place for them in buildings while houses and […]

Plastic Aviary Netting Is of the High-Quality and Endurance Aviaries are Modern Enclosures to Grow and Protect Poultry or Crop How many times have we visited the Zoological Garden enjoying watching the birds and thinking of how was their life in the aviary? Aviary is not a classical cage. It is a large limited space […]

All about the construction of trellises for hops. Hops are the flowers (or seed cones) of the hop plant. If you think you haven’t heard of this creeper or have never consumed it, think again. Have you ever heard beer being referred to as ‘hoppy?’ That is because the hop flower is used primarily as […]

How can I make use of chicken wire in paper mache? Using chicken wire in paper mache is just another way that this material shows us its incredible versatility. Chicken wire is a great option for use around the farm, the home and industrial settings. Other uses include deer fencing, stucco netting, tree and shrub […]

Artistic possibilities with chicken wire art Chicken wire art is a great representation of the diversified uses of chicken wire. In a world where sustainability is of key importance, it brings a little bit of peace, knowing that we have products of such impressive levels of versatility available to us. The artistic use of chicken […]