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Making the best use of flower support net system. What is a flower support net? A flower support net is a cost-effective way to add support to flowers and plants. The use of the netting allows plants to come up through the netting, which offers the best support for the plant. By using this type […]

Protecting Your Crops with Butterfly House Netting

Using Butterfly House Netting to Protect Your Crops. Keep Butterflies at bay with butterfly netting For agricultural farmers in the fruit and vegetable industry and garden lovers growing their very own fresh produce, preparation is needed for every season, especially butterfly season. These beautiful little creatures look innocent from a far, but are far from […]

Trellising your crops with the best Horticultural Twine for a better yield

Trellising your crops with the best Horticultural Twine for a better yield Implementing the basketweave trellising method in your garden will make your plants healthier, and a happy plant give a better fruit! Take a good care of your garden because crops will always return all the love and care you give for them with […]

The use of tomato trellises for your sowing will improve crop’s quality. Tomato trellises are one of the most recent tutoring methods, that is why many agronomists still stick to traditional techniques, which offer more complications than profits. HORTOMALLAS trellises are made of thin but strong nylon, designed to support tomato plants, offering convenience y […]

The capacity of your cropping wild depend on which tomato trellis support you use One of the best ways to prevent tomato diseases, and to achieve a healthy harvest, is staking. This keeps fruits off the ground and protects them from bruises and bacteria that inhabit the soil. From amongst so many systems of tutoring, […]

HORTOMALLAS tomato support nettings even improve the phytosanitary conditions of your sowing. Traditional tomato staking has recently become disused, being replaced for a better and, in many ways, cheaper method: Tomato support nettings. Common staking requires a lot of time and labor during the entire process, increasing expenses and slowing the arrival of the harvest. […]