Alternative uses for synthetic grass:  gutter covers, drain covers, and electrical installations, and transformer covers in a yard.  ERBETTA® covers everything.

If you want to cover gutters or cover up electrical installations in your garden or yard so that they won’t be an eyesore, a good solution is ERBETTA® synthetic grass.

ERBETTA® artificial turf is very versatile and is suitable for multiple uses.  For example, it is ideal for covering downspouts, gutters, water pipes, air conditioning tubing, power panels, etc.

Aesthetics and safety for children and animals

Especially if animals and children are present at home, there is a greater need for protection and safety.  ERBETTA® is a way to have the garden and yard in order and risk-free.

Having a yard where pets and children can be outdoors is like having a large fortune.  However, upon giving them free access we run the risk of having them touch and damage electrical installations or exposed pipes.  The lack of adequate protection also poses a high risk for animals and people.  In order to have peace of mind, using artificial grass as a cover is a functional and ornamental way of keeping pets and children safe.

If you have pipes or other types of installations that should not be accessible and that are something of an eyesore, ERBETTA® is the solution for quickly covering them.

Professional synthetic grass with a natural-looking finish

synthetic grass
artificial grass

Our artificial grass can be placed on any surface giving it a completely natural look.  In the case of concrete blocks for channeling pipes or electrical components, coverage with ERBETTA® contributes to an aesthetic continuity of the landscape.

For all of those who would like to hide something unsightly, but who, at the same time, would like to dress up their yard or patio, synthetic grass is an alternative that is economical and practical.Artificial turf is a particular kind of covering made from a textile material. 

Aside from its positive aesthetic impact, artificial grass has numerous benefits that its natural green counterpart does not have and that are highly recommended when it comes to covering drainage channels and drains and covering electrical installations and transformers in yards.

In what follows we highlight the properties of artificial turf:

  • It adapts to all conditions;
  • It has a very pleasing aesthetic aspect, so much so that it is hard to know it is not natural grass;
  • It is easy to clean and is low maintenance;
  • Any maintenance is rare and is quickly done;
  • It has a very positive cost to quality and efficiency ratio;
  • It is quick and easy to install;
  • t stands up to adverse weather conditions and direct sunlight.

Our ERBETTA® synthetic grass is manufactured from exterior grade polypropylene and for this reason, is highly resistant to atmospheric agents, especially sunlight.  Consequently, its color does not fade and it also repels water.  Properties and appearance vary by type.

Which type is selected depends on the surface to be covered and the aesthetic effect that is desired to be achieved.  The covering can be with shorter strands or with longer strands.  Depending on what is needed, the strands can be [thicker] or thinner.  For ornamental purposes, a type with a thickness between 4 and 7 mm (0.16 and 0.28 inches) is sufficient.

Highly adaptable.  Installation on concrete blocks, ceramic tiles, or concrete.

Covering any area or protruding element is quite easy with ERBETTA®. 

First of all the element or zone that is to be covered needs to be measured to maximize the use of the material and have a minimum of waste at the end.  Form and deviations need to be taken into account. 

When artificial grass is used to cover drainage channels, cover drains, and cover electrical installations and transformers, and the surface consists of concrete asphalt, etc., there should be a bit of a slope so that water can run off without any problem and sitting water be avoided.  On any flat, even surface, the installation is quite easy. If, on the other hand, the surface to be covered is dirt, then, before beginning installation, not only is cleaning it of debris necessary, but it also needs to be carefully leveled.


Everything needed to cover a concrete shed– do it yourself.

  • Cutters or scissors 
  • Self-adhesive strips
  • Silicone

After having cleaned the area where the artificial turf is to be installed, roll out the roll of ERBETTA.  Use a marker and cutters to cut where there may be corners and along borders. 

Fastening synthetic grass:  use the self-adhesive strips.  First, join together the different pieces using the strips and then fasten the borders using double-sided sticky tape or the self-adhesive strips.

Thanks to the flexibility of the synthetic grass, in order to cover drains or electrical installations it can be molded into any shape.  For example, U cuts can be made to make flaps that can be lifted at any time.  Openings can also be made easily.

Cover up gutters and drains and cover electrical installations and transformers in your yard forever and with little cost

ERBETTA® belongs to the category of artificial grass of optimum quality and therefore has good drainage capacity.  Thus water does not collect on it.  Rainwater drains right through it and it is perfectly suitable for use on balconies and terraces.  All the same, we always recommend checking the slope of gutters on balconies and terraces.

We have types of artificial turf that can drain between 60 and 100 liters per square meter (1.5 and 2.4 gallons per square foot) in a minute.

Thanks to ERBETTA® synthetic grass, gutters on terraces and balconies can be hidden and, in the process, green ornamental elements created.

We have available many kinds of synthetic grass with excellent natural and decorative properties.

Practical and economical solution for covering up gutters and drains and covering electrical installations and transformers in your yard

The optimum quality to price ratio, the practicality of putting it into place, and its aesthetic effect make ERBETTA® the most appropriate solution for covering up gutters and drains and covering electrical installations and transformers in your yard.

ERBETTA® is an economical artificial grass that fills the requirements for durability and quality thanks to the high-quality materials of which it is made.

The artificial turf for covering electrical installations and gutters is not subjected to being stepped on and traffic.  Thus a more decorative option is sought in this case rather than a turf that withstands heavy trampling like what would be installed around a swimming pool or for playground equipment.

It is important to choose a good quality material because it will have a longer useful life, and savings in replacement costs will be realized in both time and money.

If it is desired to use ERBETTA® for areas frequented often, we recommend choosing longer, denser fibers and having a central spine that can be in the form of a U, C, or S.

How to care for synthetic grass

There is no comparison between the care for natural turf and artificial turf.  With synthetic grass, savings are realized in water and/or irrigation and in time spent caring for the product, because synthetic grass only needs to be washed with a hose and brush.  This helps to eliminate the dirt (both organic and inorganic) and refresh it without soaking it and consequently keep it better looking for longer.

All of our products have the advantage of having been treated for ultraviolet radiation which gives the assurance of great durability.