All You Need to Know About Hydroponic Tomato Growing

Hydroponic tomato growing involves relying on technology to groom tomatoes. Away from the soil, tomatoes are grown in nutrient solution where they are curated.

Understanding the Basic Concerning Hydroponic Tomato Growing

Hydroponic tomato growing attracts much more funds and labour than the traditional type. Gardeners use this system to plant tomatoes adopting numerous methods. Three out of these methods are nutrient film method, drip method and, ebb and flow method.

Nutrient Film Method
This method involves dipping the roots of the plant in nutrient solution. Also called NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), this method is used commercially and is a revolution on the traditional rooting medium.

tomato plants tutoring by trellis net
With film method, drip method and, ebb and flow method you apply the Hydroponic tomato.

In nutrient film method, the roots of tomatoes are left hanging on a slanted surface while they easily take in nutrient as they drop of the reservoir. A limitation of this method is that the plants at the top of the slope get nutrient at the expense of the ones below.
Drip Method

The drip method works just like the ebb and flow method. The method involves putting the roots of the tomato plants in buckets of nutrient solution.

In the drip hydroponic method, nutrient solution is released from their container through tubes to feed the tomato plant in drips.

Ebb and Flow Method

Hydroponic Tomato Growing
The ebb and flow is a method is easy to adopt, and is usually recommended to amateur gardeners.

The ebb and flow method of hydroponic tomato growing involves nurturing the tomatoes indoor. This method is easy to adopt, and is usually recommended to amateur gardeners. Compared to other methods, it is also cheap to maintain.

Ebb and flow method involves pumping the nutrient solution from the reservoir until they flood the grow tray. The grow tray is then rid of the nutrient solution.

Guide on hydroponic tomato growing
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Regardless of the hydroponic tomato growing method you have chosen, there are some concerns that you must pay attention to.

Creating the ideal environment for hydroponic tomato growing.

trellis net providing support to tomato crops
The enviorment for apply hydroponic tomato growing is very important Regardless of the hydroponic tomato growing method you have chosen.

The environment is important to hydroponically grow tomatoes. When it comes to hydroponic tomato growing, the soil is the major environment of plant. The soil must be properly mixed to measure up to standard that contains the key ingredients such as sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite and hydrated lime to correctly adjust the pH of the soil.

Growing the seedlings
Closer attention must be giving to the hydroponic tomato growing at the outset. The seedlings determine the quantity of the crop yield and the healthiness of the plant.

Start by planting the tomato seeds in a nursery tray at about a quarter inch deep and cover the nursery with the tray lid or plastic wrapper for some days. Maintain an 80 degrees atmosphere for ten days to derive the most ideal germination.

tomato plants using double support net
Too is very important keep a correct ligthing and proper temperature.

Similarly, maintain lighting from LED lights, that is about five inches away from the plants, for at least 18 hours per day.

Maintaining the Proper Temperature
In hydroponic tomato growing, maintain an about 22 degrees Celsius temperature during the day and 16 degrees Celsius temperature at night.

Maintaining Proper Lighting
Lighting is vital for hydroponic tomato growing. Horticulturists confirms that tomatoes enjoy light in excess, so it is important that you provide enough lighting for your plant.

For proper lighting, maintain a minimum supply of 18 hours per day lighting. Use LED lights to achieve effective results.

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