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Advantages of a large mesh size trellis netting and why 25 x 25cm is better for vegetable support.

HORTOMALLAS´ large mesh size facilitates pruning and harvesting.

With the introduction of a large mesh size, HORTOMALLAS is the leader when it comes to vegetable plant support, our team of agronomists studied various cases of traditional plant support needs and determined that the best mesh design has a larger 25x25cm square mesh opening as this dimensions avoid plant and fruit abrasion and speed up handling

malla pepinos hortomallas pepinillos espaldera soporte entutorado rafia

HORTOMALLAS de cuadro 25x25cm en cucurbitaceas o solonaceas es la mejor opción tecnica en alternativa a la rafia. El cuadro amplio permite al jornalero de operar por ambos lados del surco sin tenerse que mover y sin dañar la planta durante las operaciones de poda y de cosecha.


A large mesh size allows the field workers to walk alternate furrows as they may now work two furrows by walking just one, since they can place their hands across the espalier and reach the other side for pruning, harvesting or tyeing plants to the trellis. This is quite common when working on cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and even beans and peas. The fruit is not damaged as it is picked and brought to the carrying pens or baskets, there is no abrasion to the fruit nor to the plant.  By the workers avoid damaging the plant there will be fewer open wounds where pathogens can enter the plant and damage it, therefore not only will the plant last and yield longer periods but it will reduce opportunities for disease transmission.

Also by avoiding friction and abrasion between the workers and their tools with the net, the life span of HORTOMALLAS increases, therefore allowing farmers to re-utilize the trellis net many times, amortizing its cost over a great number of crops.

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