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5 Reasons You Should Consider Staking Plants

What is the need for Staking plants?

One way to improve yield when cultivating vegetables is staking plants. Vegetables benefit a lot from staking and they also grow well. The process can be a little bit tedious but the end result is encouraging. You will see your crops blossoming and producing healthy fruits throughout the growing season. You can improvise and use any type of material you want. The most important thing is that the stakes should be sturdy and driven well into the ground so that they can support the weight of the fruiting plants. At least a foot or more of the stakes can be driven into the ground. Ensure that the support is strong enough to bear the weight of the fruit and can also withstand heavy winds or rain. There are lots of benefits of staking climbers. A little understanding of these benefits will encourage every gardener to consider the system instead of allowing crops to run on the ground.

Increase in yield

The most important reason for staking crops is to increase yield. Studies carried out in different locations shows that growing crops vertically increases yield three times than when they are allowed to run on the ground.

Maintain fruit quality

A healthy fruit without blemishes attracts better price. That’s why gardeners will do anything to prevent their fruits from damages. Damages can occur when fruits are allowed to run on the ground. They are exposed to insect attacks and other creeping things.

Disease-free plants

Every gardener wish is to make sure their plants are free from diseases. This can be achieved by staking crops rather than allowing them to run on the ground. They can easily contract diseases when allowed to remain and run on the ground. But when they are raised up with stakes, they experience better air circulation which reduces the incidence and spread of diseases.

Exposure to sunlight

Crops like tomatoes need as much sun as they can possibly get during the day. And for such crops, staking exposes a greater part of the leaves’ surface to sunlight which they need to generate energy and grow well.

staking plants

Cultivate more crops in limited space

There is no point looking for an extra piece of land to add to the one you have when you can simply double your yield. Staking allows you to utilize limited space well. There are many reasons to use stakes to grow plants. It makes harvesting, spraying, fertilizer application and watering easier. You can explore the various methods used in staking plants. You can also get creative but make sure the stakes are sturdy enough to support the weight of the fruits as they grow bigger in size.


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