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3 Bean Support Ideas

Bean support – Ideas for Gardeners

If you are growing bean plants, you cannot neglect the effects bean support has on the crop total output. Providing vertical supports for climbing bean plants most especially pole beans is very essential. It is essential if you want to increase yield and manage the garden without much plant stress. The most important thing to consider when using vegetable support is the sturdiness of the support itself. It has to be strong enough to support the plant as they grow. Plants might look smaller and delicate when they first emerge but by the time the vines starts showing up and the plant begin to produce a thick mass of leaves as well as pods, then the structure provide should be strong enough to hold the weight and also sturdy to withstand heavy wind.

vertical vegetable support with netting
Plant support can be easily achieved with the use of HORTOMALLAS® netting. The trellis net will be be held in place by the posts along the furrows while the plant´s vines and tendrils attache themselves to the net.

There are different supports you can create for your crops. In fact, your options will be determined by the material available if you are constructing it yourself, and other factors like time, budget, and personal preferences. If you run an ornamental garden, you need to consider the aesthetic aspect of the garden when choosing support

How to stake bean plant

  • Supporting with poles

The pole is one of the most used bean support for pole beans. The straight stick is commonly used when staking beans to the extent it has given its name to the beans plant. It is commonly used because it is the easiest way beans can be staked. The pole should be between 6 to 8 feet tall. It should also have a rough surface to help the plant grow and attach well to the pole. However, if you are planting pole beans that you want to grow on a pole, then they should be planted in hills while the pole placed in the center of the plantings.

  • Supporting with bean plant teepee

A teepee is commonly used to stake pole bean. It is made of bamboo and can also be constructed with any thin and long support such as poles or dowel rods.

  • Trellis

Trellis nets is a fence like structure that is moveable. You can either build one for yourself with raffia twine (but it would require many more hours of work) or buy from the store. One way to build trellis is to first build a frame and then cover it with some chicken wire but this can be very expensive in commercial plantations, so we suggest and recommend the use of HORTOMALLAS® trellis netting. Make sure the height of the trellis espalier is between 5-6 feet. If you are using a trellis net as support for pole bean, plant the crop at the base of the netting. However, each row should be at least about 3 feet apart to allow proper ventilation in between plants.

Double row of bean netting
Beans grown with netting using the double row method of passive support, which is particularly suitable for tomatoes, peppers or eggplants.

If you are cultivating the bean plant, you need to consider using support. Support will help the plant to grow well and also increase yield. It will also reduce the incidence and spread of diseases in the garden. One important thing to consider when providing support is to ensure that they are sturdy. A sturdy support structure will hold the weight of the plant throughout the growing season.

Bean support netting with beans ready to harvest
Almost ready to harvest these beans have been grown on bean support netting by HORTOMALLAS.
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