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There are a myriad of crafts and handmade creations that can be carried out using plastic canvas: weaving rugs, knitting bags, purses and wallets for example. The plastic mesh suitable to make crafts is made of polyethylene and is semi-rigid but very resistant. Depending on the type and thickness of the material with which to […]

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Decorative ideas Using Chicken Wire for Christmas Tree We have all forgotten the precise origins of Christmas trees to the mists of time. Why would we want to do something different and use chicken wire for Christmas tree instead of a freshly felled pine tree? It may have been the challenge of getting a tree […]

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Often called avian flu but also known as avian influenza, this disease is an infection caused by avian influenza A virus. The virus occurs naturally in most birds around the world and can infect not only other birds, but also other animals and even humans. This disease can be spread through saliva, nasal secretions, faeces […]

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The cultivation of oysters and other bivalves of the Ostreidae family is becoming an increasingly popular and profitable activity among aquaculturists in various parts of the world. Today, countries like Japan, France, Chile, the United States, Spain, Peru, Mexico and Australia are large aquaculture producers that receive large economic benefits from this activity. Oyster reproduction […]

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