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Archive for September, 2017

Report on the study carried out on five varieties of melon’s in greenhouses using pruning and tutoring techniques By L . Bringas According to a study carried out by trellis netting manufacturer in conjunction with UAS (Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa), yields of 80 to 110 tonnes per hectare of improved-quality melons can be achieved by […]

Shade net for car parking spaces: protect your car and improve your day to day thanks to Obamalla

The shade net for garage Obamalla is an economical alternative to protect areas of your property of the excessive sun. Prevents your car body from suffering severe damage from the sun Excessive and prolonged sun can seriously damage the exterior and interior of your car. Therefore the shade mesh for parkings Obamalla is an optimal repair […]

Safety netting: a quick and economical solution for fencing and delimiting areas

The safety and protection netting is characterized for its bright orange color and its design with ovals. It is a mesh specially developed for signaling and delimiting areas. In cases of alterations or holes in the ground of the road, due to landslides or erosion, the safety netting serves to signal the incident to the […]

Shading net for livestock: animals suffer from excess heat. Learn how to avoid heat stress and improve production.

The shading net for livestock is an indispensable aid to reduce the temperature of zootechnical facilities, especially dairy farms. In fact guaranteeing a temperature that allows the thermal comfort of the animals should be one of the objectives of the producers. Only in this way the animals will be prevented from suffering from excessive heat. […]

The black netting is less visible than the white netting. Find the reasons right away

The black netting is the most popular. It is usually considered the heaviest duty net and the most economic. On the contrary the white net is generally more expensive and preferred when compared to the black one for its aesthetic characteristics. But, as a matter of fact, the black netting is less visible than the […]

Our backstop netting, installed as a barrier, is so strong that is able to catch and retain any ball. A backstop serves as a stop so that the ball stays in the play area. Usually it is put as a support or a barrier behind some area in a play field. But it can also […]