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Archive for July, 2017

Are you looking for the best price of the chicken netting? Save money with CHICKENMALLA

A short list of advantages of using plastic chicken netting. If you are looking for the best price for the chicken netting, aviary or rabbit hutch you will find it here. CHICKENMALLA, an inexpensive plastic mesh for fencing or cages for chickens, chicks, rabbits, small livestock and domestic animals. It is also used successfully to […]

OBAMALLA, the best price of shade netting for the control of your crop

We offer a great price of shade netting with our range of OBAMALLA shading nets. OBAMALLA is ideal for controlling factors critical to growth, such as temperature, light, water and humidity. The application of the OBAMALLA shade netting gives better results in terms of quantity and quality of the crop. Made from high density virgin […]

Find the best price of ground cover here. Anti-weed professional economic and effective method

The ground cover cloth at the lowest market price that interrupts the growth of weeds without impeding soil transpiration. By blocking the light the ground cover cloth in fact prevents the growth of herbs that can get to subtract nutrients and water to the crop. This is because the weeds in the dark do not […]

Tutoring trellis netting, ground cover cloth and anti-insects screen

Proposal of alternative techniques for better management of diseases and greater yield in the cultivation of vegetables. Tomato, paprika, gherkin and beans. Trellis netting, ground cover  cloth and anti-insects screen are innovative tools for greater performance. In fact cultivation with traditional methods does not reach the maximum potential of exploitation of crops. In particular, much […]

Best price of plant support net: HORTOMALLAS for climbing vegetables and flowers

If you are looking for the best price of plant support net, herein we present HORTOMALLAS. Used vertically, as an espalier, it is ideal for bearing the weight of vegetal canopy and fruits. Laid horizontally, its layers sustain and guide the stems and create space between them. Plant support net HORTOMALLAS have square meshes of […]