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Archive for March, 2017

Why Using Tomato Trellis Is The Best Option

Benefits of using trellis for Tomato plants Tomato gardening is very easy. Just a few plants will give you plenty of tomatoes at harvest time. It is also a member of the nightshade family and grows up to 3-10 ft. Tomatoes have a weak stem which is why it often sprawls over the ground. However, […]

Horticultural Espalier – Benefits And Ideas

Reasons to try Horticultural espalier Horticultural espalier started a long time ago. It is an ancient horticultural practice that involves pruning and training of trees or shrubs to grow flat against a support. This usually creates a living sculpture. In the past, espaliering was a horticultural practice use to create outdoor walls in places like […]

Growing tomatoes can be very challenging when the right technique is not used. Tomato branches can grow to towering heights, and can’t provide themselves with the necessary support especially when their fruits start sprouting. imagen 1 Trellising has been found to be one of the best methods of training tomatoes. This method provides tomatoes with […]

Horticultural Netting

Horticultural netting is the act of providing support to vegetables allowing them to grow in the best way possible. The net is made out of polypropylene; and was made famous in the 1960’s in England and Italy. Horticultural nets are available in a lot of different sizes; made for different purposes. The smaller mesh sizes […]

Challenges of Growing Climbing Vegetables

For vegetable farmers and for everyone who has knowledge about growing vegetables, you will easily agree that it is a known fact that lots of vegetables like to climb up nettings or poles while growing. Examples of such vegetables are tomatoes, peas, beans, melons and squashes. If you let them grow without any control, they […]

Importance of Training hops in a commercial or home orchard.

Why tutoring hops upwards is important Training is one important management practice growers should not neglect. Without it, there would be no harvest. The meaning of this is that crops that require support from a tender age will not yield well if the right support is not provided. That is why trained crops tend to […]