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Archive for July, 2016

The aviary mesh is the right solution to reduce damages caused by birds.

The aviary mesh acts as a physical barrier to block the access of birds to protected areas. The aviary mesh is one of the most suitable methods for bird protection because it fulfills the job and it is harmless to birds. The aviary mesh helps to control the access of birds to inappropriate places. The […]

Birdnets help reduce the loss of production caused by birds.

Birdnets are a protection system that acts as a barrier against bird attack. In this article you will find out why birdnets are a necessary element for many crops. Besides humans, there are other organisms benefiting from the production of crops. For example birds are large consumers of fruits and seeds produced at the expense […]

Protect your investment by installing bird protection netting for your crops.

Bird damage is a serious issue, bird protection of trees and plantations is a must in order to assure economic results. Birds can become a serious threat to farmers who do not have bird protection netting on their crops. Farmers try to make sure their economic results are maximized, and in a variety of ways […]

Why use double walled of support netting or V supports.

Advantages of double walled tutoring nets on both sides of furrows. The method of using double walled tutoring nets reduces the mechanical stress on the plants and slows down the spread of plant pathogens. You might ask yourself how to save manpower when fastening plants to the HORTOMALLAS horticultural netting. Using double rows of netting trellis […]

Horticultural Netting HORTOMALLAS in flower growing.

Tutoring your flower growing allows for straight and evenly spaced cutting Using HORTOMALLAS horticultural netting in flower growing is an essential factor for the success of any horticulturist. It is preferable to elevate the flowerbed 15 to 20 cm off the ground, with a width of 1.05m and spaced 0.45m apart, on top of which […]