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Archive for July, 2015

What are the different types of trellis netting?

How to decide which type of trellising system is the best for my crop! Here are several different types of trellis netting styles the home gardener can choose from. Trellises are available in the traditional gate style designs most often found as entrance accents to yards and gardens, or may be constructed lower to the […]

Feasibility of Trellised Cucumber Production using HORTOMALLAS netting

 Trellising with a netting like HORTOMALLAS guarantees great production results as compared to non trellised cucumber crops. Trellising was evaluated for its effects on yields of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) cultivars Dasher II, Marketmore 76, and PetoTripleMech at Lane and Wilbutton, Okla. Trellising improved total and marketable yield at both locations compared with ground culture. […]

To reduce damage from excess precipitation under climate change, use Crop Netting

Increased crop damage from excess precipitation under current climate change will force more farmers to protect their open field cultures trellising with HORTOMALLAS, vegetable support crop netting. Recent flooding and heavy precipitation events in the US and worldwide have caused great damage to crop production. If the frequency of these weather extremes were to increase […]

Weather Damage and the Need of New Agricultural Techniques as Horticulture Crop Nettings

Use trellis netting to prevent weather damage Today ´s climate change and weather damage related to it, brings about the need of new agricultural techniques to try to mitigate the damages, and allow a successful harvest, horticulture crop nettings becomes a necessary tool given this new environment!   All one needs to do nowadays is turn […]

How Many Times can HORTOMALLAS, crop support netting, be re-used?

This is is an example of a VERY profitable crop using HORTOMALLAS crop support netting many times over! In these pictures you can see pole beans almost ready to be harvested, this is the second crop grown in the same furrow, using the same mulch, irrigation, trellis net and posts.  The previous crop  (as you […]